Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm a little nervous but here it goes!

So, i've had my ETSY store for about 2 months now and i was really scared to announce it to all my friends and family. That
might sound weird to some of you but, it's the people i love the most that REALLY value what they think. So, I want to give a disclaimer right now... I'm not perfect and i won't proclaim to be! But, here's what i love to do(aside from all the other stuff) and here's my little store. Check it out and tell your girlfriends!
Since Brielle came to our family, i have been learning, re-learning and refining some of my crafts.
My shop will soon feature fabric items such as Burp Cloths, a few pouch and ring slings(not many), Hair Bows, and Baby Bouquets! As for now it just has Jewelry, Pacifier clips, and Hair Flower clips! have fun looking and please tell everyone (especially those who don't craft but love to buy things that they can't make). 
Tell me if you think it's retarded or not or what i can improve. Remember, I value your opinions the most!
also, I'll post on Brielle soon(too lazy to edit photos tonight!)


Lewieville said...

It looks so good! Good for you! I really want to do something like this, does it seem to bring in some extra money? I don't know, I have a lot to get ready! Yours looks great. COngrats

Idaho Family Circus said...

I am so proud of you for announcing it to others finally! You are so talented and others need to know that they can have some of the talent on their babies too! :)

Love the jewelry and the clips - they are my favorite! Spices up a baby wardrobe! Cant wait for Burp cloths and wraps. Love ya

Crystal said...

You know my feelings about this, but I'll say 'em again... we can all use a little reassurance. I love how crafty you are, and I think your products are so awesome. It takes gumption to put something that you've created out there, but you're doing it, and doing it well. Keep it up. I love your guts :)