Friday, April 18, 2008

Brielle, as of late!

Brielle is almost 2 1/2 years old and EVERYDAY we hear her say something new and something funny or cute! We love spending our time with her after Aria goes down for the night, just playing games like Tickle Monster, dog pile, birdie, or just running around crazy! It's so fun to be her parents and I love this age, despite the potty training stuff. 
Some funny things she's said lately are:
While holding a tiny screw to her mouth "look mommy, i'm playing my bitty flute" I was fixing her doorknob so some screws were around her.
During prayer tonight, i told her to say "please bless me to go potty in the toilet and not in my pants" But she said " please help me not go poopoo in my princess pool-ups"
When she gets a boo boo she often says" i need a treat in my tummy, mommy, to make me better" and she says it with an adorable pout on her face that is sometimes irresistible.
She loves to say everything is Beautiful or amazing or delicious! When i was looking in my gmail inbox at plain old letters Brielle remarks" wow, mommy, that's beautiful!" i think she's used to seeing pictures on my computers all the time. Maybe it was just force of habit!
While in the car, she remarked to herself today by saying: "you talk good for your age" then she said to her other self " yes, i do talk berry good"- I guess she's heard that a lot!
She loves to help Aria out when it's feeding time and she will try to spoon feed her and gives her instructions: "Open big  Aria! No, like this, AHHH!(she's already bossy)
She also gave me instructions on how to change her today" Mommy, watch your fingers, you don't want to get all icky. Move the pool-up. Did you get it all? No more poopoos left, mommy?
Thanks for the play-by-play little sassy Girl!
Here's her playing in the Frinklers. She also calls sparkles Farkles!
We recently took the side off her crib and got a lock for her door too! Now that she can get out, we'd rather her be safe while she's sleeping. Who knows if she would be up in my craft room after waking, playing in needles and scissors and such while I'm downstairs vaccuming or something!
The lock is to keep her safe from all that kind of stuff. She's vocal and let's us know when she's up and done! 
She has been having tons of fun with her friends, playing at the park or in the gym playroom, with Aria and with me and Brandon. She went in the bitty pool (spa when it's not heated) with me and we had so much fun practicing some swimming techniques. well, i'm about ready to fade. I'll write more later!

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Crystal said...

Wow, she is growing up fast! What an adorable girl. It's OK, oldest siblings are supposed to be bossy, right?