Sunday, November 30, 2008

Making up for LOST time!!!

SO. I've been so busy with EVERYTHING! So i apologize for it all but if you've seen any part of my other two blogs you should fully understand! But, now i have bit more free time to cavalierly blog what ever i feel like. 
here's our situation:
Currently, Brandon is still doing well in the Lending end of Real Estate. Not sure how long that will last but, mostly all his clients have good credit and money to throw down. It seems you must have impeccable finances to purchase anything these days! He had fun playing football on Thanksgiving and his Hamstring got really sore. He is having so much fun getting ready for the Holidays and LOVES to shop for his girls and He helps me tons with watching the girls and house stuff. I'm not the best housekeeper but, He's there to help a lot. And currently, i don't feel like paying someone to lean our home for a while.

Brielle, is going to be 3 on Jan. 12th and is so full of things to say. Some silly or mean but mostly all sweetness. She loves Aria and loves to play. She says to us " Mom, you are the best in the whole white world! She also learned how to sing jingle bells and a few other songs. I don't know how she remembers so much in her little brain. she counts up to like 28 or something and always surprises me when she say " hey mom, there's 7 pillows in here!" I know she enjoys math, playing house, dancing, dress up, gymnastics, singing and so much more! ( we got them a trampoline for christmas-shhhh:)

Aria, is almost 18 months and she loves to parrot your words. she's understanding what facial parts are like eyes, nose, teeth( tees) ears(ees) mouth( mouww). She says all kinds of words and is starting to communicate in more understandable ways. She told me brielle took her monkey by saying be-L, ( then pointing at her toy) oohoh ahah( monkey sound) then she made a small grunt to tell me she wasn't happy about it! It was funny! She's still really tiny( all except her belly:) She's fitting in 6-12 an 9 month clothes still. her shoe sizes is a 2 or 3 but the 3's are still big on her! She loves animals like crazy and loves dancing, singing and playing with any kind of baby doll. Brielle and her occasionally argue over toys so, now we just get two of everything. It's easier on us:)

As for me, just check my other blogs but, I'll keep you posted on me more! 
For now, Here's some pics of us in October at our Local carousel!

These two EXTRA girls are ERIN ( above) and Taylor ( below) They are some of the neighbor girls and Erin is  one of Brielle's Best Friends!

MOre to come soon!

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