Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Back in action

SO as most of you know, I've been a bit busy. But now that I've had the boutique, made the wedding cakes, and visited the cousin(Jamie), I'm finally HOME and ready to DO NOTHING!(yeah right like that's gonna happen). No, really, I won't be making commitments to anyone for a while i really need a brake and i need to get my house back in order and so on.
So, this is what you missed so far...
Brielle CUT HER BANGS at Gma's house, while there for a visit. Betty does hair all the time and Brielle was just imitating her. It was inevitable and i find it funny. I'm not mad at all b/c it was three days after her Pediped Photo shoot(luckily). Brielle has also increased her vocab 10 fold. She's way too opinionated for me right now. I ask her to do something or give her the two choice options and if she doesn't like it she says things like" not right now, mommy" "i'm waiting" "No thanks, mommy" At least she's not yelling when she refuses. She's very polite when she's being a stinker! She also is
obsessed with swimming everyday but, we only swim a few times a week. Last week we swam and then came in and made melted chocolate chips with a touch of oil to made fondue! We dipped marshmallows, pretzels and strawberries in it and what a mess it made! Here's Our girl and YES, i added the smile to her cute belly. She thought it was so cool. "My Tummy is happy- It says MMMM, mommy" she says.
When i was gone Brandon told me that one morning He was asking her to get on his back so, she could have a piggy back ride down the stairs and she replied
"I, I Captain!" and jumped on his back.(sorry for the grammar error on I, I, i think it's Aye but, i'm not sure)
ARIA is doing great! She pulls up on anything, traverse furniture and her favorite place is the sliding glass door! she likes to watch the dogs and birds and it's her favorite thing to squawk at! She loves screaming in excitement and singing little songs. She's a loud baby and she so much fun. She now can Click her tongue and blow raspberries to you if you ask! She hold herself up with one hand and pushes Brielle's Ikea chair across the floor a little. I hesitate to give he the walker thing b/c i'm afraid she'll fall flat on her face once the wheels move! we shall see. 
She did great up in ID with me. She was so much fun to enjoy and tote around going store to store. Here's Aria at Jamie's Shower.
I'll post more on that later!


Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

Yes, we are well experienced in the polite disagreements- Ezra likes to tell me- "well mom, here's the deal..." and continue with what he thinks the plan will be- I never realized motherhood would include so much negotiating!

Taylor Tree said...

i love this last picture! what beautiful girls.
great to hear an update.

Our Family Circus said...

It was so fun to have you both here. I cannot wait to have the whole family come visit whenever you can. I love you tons ... Hugs!

beach girl always--at heart said...

Hey, I got a blue shirt just the same as for you, blue for me, almost got a black one too....when I was visiting Cristiana..........beautiful baby girls.........including you too.
Love Mom