Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Big Girl and Our Busy Lives!

Sorry this is so short but i have to let you know what we've been up to. Besides the daily grind(eat, workout, errands, lunch, nap time, chores, wake up, get dinner ready etc..) I've been busy with getting all this stuff ready for The Boutique Market that were having at our place. I have so much still to do and on top of that, i have a 3-tiered wedding cake as well as 2 sheet cakes i have to bake(wednesday), decorate(thursday) and deliver on Saturday. Also, Brielle got a modeling job for Pediped Shoes( pronounced PEE_D_ PED). I guess i pronounced it wrong for the last two years. Oops! The photo shoot is tuesday afternoon. Then on Wednesday i start baking and it goes on. Aria is standing and traversing like nobody's business and she's getting the bumps to prove it too! Brielle is great but getting her last top 2 yr molar in, so, she's a bit whiney! I'm tired and ready to stop being busy for a bit. I probably won't blog for a while b/c i'm going to ID to see Jamie on the 14th but, if i do then great. More later(hopefully) 

Love you Mom!


Idaho Family Circus said...

Yeah for coming to Idaho! I am so excited!!! :) Counting the days my dear ... its gonne be grand!

Taylor Tree said...

i'm exhausted just reading that.

beach girl always--at heart said...

Happy Everyday to you Corrine, I am proud of Mom