Thursday, May 13, 2010

we're here and swimming

in a sea of boxes still. Yes, we have our beds up and stuff but nothing on the walls, practically nothing in the right spot and so on and so forth. So, i sucked it up- went to HD and got some shelving and in the morning i will finish organizing the girls room and our waist deep boxes in the office (which B and i now share)!

I have to say though... I LOVE IT HERE in COLORADO! I have barely made any friends yet but, am not worried b/c I HAVE PROJECTS TO FINISH. Like sewing curtains and dresses, painting the girls vintage wood armoire, dresser and night stands! Hanging pictures, setting up home, working out and editing about 5 peoples pictures!

Today was EPIC though! It snowed last night and we woke up to 1.5 inches of a winter wonderland. The girls couldn't wait to get their coats and boots on and ate it up, since Vegas had little to offer in the way of frosty white stuff. Brielle insisted she use the snow to cool down her hot cocoa too!

We also put our OFFICIAL ADOPTION PAPERS in! YEP, we did it! To answer some ?'s:
Yes, will will always try to get pregnant as well but as you all know, The Odds have never been in my favor with that (call me for more details if you wish) and NO we aren't Putting in for a BOY!

We want whatever the Lord sees fit for us to have. No preference. In Fact we can honestly say that we would love another girl or a boy!
If i had my hand in it i would have boy /girl twins. Or get pregnant a year after we adopt (here's hoping with my crappy ovaries:) I don't want our kids spaced too far apart. They need siblings to grow up and play with and we want a bigger family, if God sees fit to give us our wishes.

Please add our adoption blog to your sidebar with a special category FRIENDS HOPING TO ADOPT and have our link under that ! We will shortly be adding our list here of all our friends who are on this same journey with us too! There's no greater work than building eternal families!
Thanks for all your help and prayers and for opening your blogs, facebook and mouths!
***our adoption blog and facebook will have the most current updates of us:)

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