Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Aria Elizabeth Christian was born Tuesday, July 24th at 10:24 pm. She weighs 7lbs. 2 oz. and is 19 inches long. And my midwives say that she really wasn't all that late, in fact she was on time. I was just off in my calendar by 1 1/2 weeks or so. She still seems so surreal to me and i can't believe i pushed her out of my body just yesterday. She came after 5 hours of labor and 35 mins of pushing. All in all it was a great natural birth at home. I am so grateful for this beautiful blessing in our lives and that God made me a women. I now know what birthing a child is all about.


Christina said...

She is so Beautiful!!!! And her name does fit her. can't wait to one day meet her.... Love you all, Christina

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Corrine and Brandon! And Welcome Aria to planet earth. On the day she was born I had a dream early that morning. In this dream Corrine stood before me to announce the birth of Aria. We imbrassed in a, father/ daughter, congratulatory hug and as we did so an were overcome with a deep since of love and joy so much so that I was awaken from my sleep. It was so real and moving that I laid there for several minutes to savor the sweetness of it..... "And ye shall have joy and rejoicing in your posterity"