Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Being cuddled!

Daddy loves holding his newest daughter! It's been so great to have Brandon be part of her birth as he held me for the last 35 mins. of labor. When she came out he said"she looks like an Aria to me!" as we were deciding between Layla and Aria for her name. Brielle saw the baby as she awoke this morning and wanted to put the pacifier in her mouth the whole time. She is still trying to figure it all out. Brandon loves having two awesome daughters! I was excited when she was born and sore and i thought that she looked good for being all smashed up and stuff. I know her looks will change over the next while. As for her personality, she cries louder than Brielle did and is definately a little diva. She has a great set of vocal cords and great breath support as she can do the whole holding the breath before she cries arrangement. I shouldn't be shocked- she takes after her mom's loud mouth:)


Lewieville said...

Corrine, I am so happy that you have started blogging. Aria is so beautiful. You are so lucky. You take great pictures, you should come to Montana, we need family pictures taken! Well good luck with everything!!

Carl & Katrina Berg Family said...

welcome baby Aria! Congrats Corrine and Brandon...she's beautiful! I love her name and can't wait to meet her and hear more about her birth story. congrats again, much luv, katrina

Taylor Tree said...

what a beautiful baby!!! good job corrine. let's hear the birth story!!