Monday, July 23, 2007

First Post!!!

So, yeah, the Christians have blogspot now. Finally, i tried setting this up before but i forgot all about it when i found out i was pregnant( Nov. of 2006) Now, i am 10 days overdue and karma is kicking me. See, i should have done this earlier and maybe my baby would have been on time. Okay,maybe that has nothing to do with it. But it sounds fun to think of it that way.
So, if you didn't know i'm having a girl. Brielle, Our 18 month old daughter, is getting a little sister! Brielle, is our little spunky sweet peach and she's so excited. She pats my tummy and says baby or sissy. We recently started telling her to say OUT BABY! Maybe that will work:) well, I'll write more next time. When the new baby arrives.

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