Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Pics!

So, luckily we did stay home b/c I got pretty sick and had to spend a couple hundred on meds and Aria's wolf costume came in on FRIDAY( finally). It turned out to be so cute and i took it pretty easy all weekend. Here's pics of the girls and their costumes!

trick or treat!

grumpy wolf

SAD/ Pouty wolf ( do't you just want to squeeze her:)??? I think she looks like Peter a lot here when he was younger!

we had to add a bow so no one could mistake her for a BOY wolf. Aria kept growling and roaring at people( too cute) and she ket saying she was a Din-oh-so!

Twik or tweet ( how she says it)

you must pack some flowers for Grandmas basket:)
We had so much fun just going around our little neighborhood. The girls loved it and Aria would not let us dump out her candy a bit so she could carry it better. She ended up just dragging it as much as she could. Brielle opted for Daddy to hold her basket until it was "showtime"!
We are so lucky to have such fun little girls!

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Cristi said...

So cute! Great job on Brielle's costume! And Aria does look JUST like Peter in that picture. So did you and Brandon dress up as the grandmother and the woodcutter? Miss you guys and gals!