Wednesday, November 4, 2009

re-hashing the summer: Circe Du SO-LAME!

So, growing up in Fallon, i used to see these circus tents go up occasionally and i NEVER got to attend a circus before( except for Ringling Bros. in Reno with a friend) so, when i heard a circus was in town, i thought it would be fun to take the kids. I was thinking tigers and elephants and juggler etc... Well, it wasn't really all what i cracked up to be.

You can tell from the disdain in the children's faces!. There was no big tent, it was broadcast in spanish and english practically at the same time. The kids got in free b/c i picked up some tickets at the car repair shop( then i later saw them everywhere i went) but i ended up paying 30. for 3 adults . It would have been fine but...
Some kids got bored, wanted a red slushie for 6.00(x 6 kids you get it). There were no tigers or elephants. Just a donkey and mini pony.
some ameteur bikers in a ball a wierd, not funny clown, a boy with ropes and whips. In a cowby town that's not that impressive:(
Can you tell how much fun they are having? I kept thinking" i woke up Aria out of her nap for this?" I guess it was a lesson learned.
The acrobat lady was not half bad, thank goodness!
Aria really wanted the Red Slushie drink but, i said no!

The BEST part of the show was seeing the RAINBOWS! There were two( only one pictured) and the kids thought that was the coolest thing of all. Thanks to our Lord for making the Best show on Earth. Here's a Tip: If the tickets are free, there's always a catch and if you see a sign tha says Circus Osorio it really means: Circe Du SoLame! DON'T WASTE your time or money!


Chelsea said...

This is a funny post, sorry it turned out such a bummer. But at least the rainbows were pretty, and free! :)

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, I am laughing soooo hard at this one. This really cracked me up. I am crying.