Sunday, November 8, 2009

Re- hasing the summer: Lake Tahoe

So, just getting to Tahoe was a bit of a time as we took the three kids and 3 adults and a bike to the Lake with us all in one car! We dropped Brad off away from where we were going to be and let him bike down to us through the winding trails of the Sierra Nv. Mountain range! A few minutes in, he has a CrAsH!!!He was okay but it left a small gash in his arm. Me and Tirza played with the kids in the water and the sand for a few hours. It was so nice and relaxing. A bit colder than our pool and lake in LV! Still fun nonetheless. I swam out to a buoy and back- good practice for my upcoming Tri at the time. I actually really like OPEN WATER SWIMMING! I guess lots of people have water fears about swimming but, water has always been soothing to me- not scary.

Well, the girls played on borrowed tubes and chased schools of these tiny fishes. Tirza relaxed in the water as She was kind of frustrated that day. Her Dr. Had told her that she was only a couple cm's dilated and she was at her due date. That is the last thing a pregnant woman wants to hear- LUCKILY she had baby Chase that next morning/day! Silly Dr.! what did he know?

Here's more pics of the kids!!!she LOVED her goggles all season long!-she even chased the fish wearing them in case she needed to dive down and catch them up- said she!

look at Owens Muscles! He and the girls had a great time playing and being silly

dads make the best sharks to play chase with!

Too much fun! I already miss the summer and hanging out with the cousins!

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