Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big Losses!

So, a bit of SAD news. I know it's not fun, but it has made me reflect a lot lately. First, 2 of my friends, Free and Melanie are moving far away. Mel is moving to SLC and Free is moving to Hawaii. It hit me today that i won't have these ladies and my fingertips anymore. I was calling Melanie and leaving a message on her phone and i broke down at the end. I am a wreck. I hope to see her when we visit UT, which isn't much anymore.

Melanie is one of those people who are genuinely nice and kind to everyone they meet. She is a great mom, super fit, loves her life and learns to deal with reality well. She has helped me become a better mom and is a motivating force behind why i stay fit. When i get in even better shape, i want to look like Melanie:) She is super talented and creative and I have tremendous respect for her and her family! Brielle will miss playing with Halie and Caleb on an almost Daily basis. She loves them heeps!

Free, is the kind of women who is so grounded that you just feel more at peace right when you walk up to her. Her energy is vibrant yet soothing and calm. She's taught me about essential oils and living the life that makes me happy. She reminds me to slow down and not to put too much on my plate. She let's me know when enough is enough and I love her sweet and motherly attributes. Brielle will miss India and I will miss our days of parks, beading, museum outings, and catch up lunches. Hawaii is so far. I hope to go there someday though. She will now keep us informed via Facebook.

Lastly, Great Grandma ( brandon's Grandma- Betty's Mom) Lorraine Thayne passed away around 2 pm today. She was a vivacious spirited lady to loved BYU sports and all her many ( over 40 ish +) grand and great grandkids. She always called me on my birthday when i became part of the family. I got to talk with her almost everytime we went up to UT. She had a LONG full life and I know she's Happier looking down on us, now that she's free from pain and surrounded by all her other family members in Heaven. She will always be with us in our hearts.

People are meant to be in our lives sometimes only for a small moment. Some stay in our lives for along time. Either way, we are supposed to learn something from every person we meet. It may be a characteristic, a lesson,a communication, or even we are meant to just connect through feelings of the Spirit for a moment. Our Earth Life is so short and we are to learn so much from/because of others. So, remember to be kind to everyone and to Listen and Learn from others. There's a purpose behind everyone we meet. Only Heaven knows beforehand but, if we are open- hearted enough, we just might be Ready to Meet Our Creator, when it's our turn to pass from this mortal state. I love you all. anyone who REALLY knows me, knows I mean that too. Thanks so much for being a part of my life, even if i knew you for a second. You've changed my life for the better!



KRISTIN said...

Three losses in one day? I think my heart would explode=(...At least as a believer in Jesus Christ, you will see them ALL again...either in your holiday travels or in your eternal life. I've never really thought "Sorry for your loss" was enough, I always just offer prayer for peace...I love you...hope to see you soon!

Kelly said...

Me sad too... :(

Harrisons said...

This is a really sweet post. You did a great job describing people's individual characteristics. Thanks again for letting my kids kick it with you this evening. See you Saturday!