Saturday, April 4, 2009

Still busy, getting help

So, this week went by with a flash of lightening. We did the gym routine, shopped at Target, Trader Joe's and so on. I started Training Alexis, my new help for when Susan moves or when i get overloaded with work. She's so sweet and is a new mom of a 1 month old. Good news- I MOVED FROM SIZE M TO SIZE S:) in my gym clothes a least. Still a size 6-7 depending on the brand:)

I took pics of her baby, Ginger and of Sara's Baby too, Kylie. I edited the Rollans family photos, as pictured, and made tons of hair clips and finished off more jewelry. My girls and i went to the Springs Preserve and played for a few hours last Tuesday.
It's been mighty windy here for the past few days but today it finally settled down. We had a great time at the Miller's home dying eggs, eating a nice lunch, letting the girls egg hunt and get some nice goodies from the family! We Love the Sanders and all extended family. thanks for being so wonderful and loving. You are eternally part of our Family forever b/c of Brielle:) We are so lucky!

My fav. part was watching Brielle and Aria dip their tiny hands and fingers into the perfect cups of dye and splash around( aria) or put the already dyed egg back into another dye( brielle) just b/c she likes the process. Aria danced a jig in a sweet barret ( the flatish hat thing) that Dawn brought back from Ireland for the girls. They love the lambs too! So Cute!

Brielle is going to love the hunt this year. Brandon and I are getting her a bike and Aria a Trike( that we can push too:) We like this cute 20 inch Trek bike in aqua blue with hibiscus flowers on it! Very cute! Aria will get a radio Flyer/ pushy thing but, in two years she'll get Brielle's sweet bike.
I am a younger sister and i didn't mind hand-me-downs. I sure hope she's good with them too. Everyone tells me she will start caring when she's like 8 or 9. till then, I'm buying Quality for Brielle so Aria can have a good product as well! LONG TERM thinking!

This week ahead: shooting a birthday boys' 1st b-day pics!, Senior pics, editing 2 boys senior pics and baby pics/ playing playdough with Brielle, making some more cute wipes cases anc burps. Making more bows and flowers, and gearing up for Easter!

Brielle understands WHO Jesus is, i just wonder if she will understand what He did for her and Us at such a young age. we will be talking about it a lot this week. She's such a great and smart girl.
She is going to be in Preschool this fall and is an early admission student! She's so bright, why make her wait. The kids will only be 4-8 months older than her. SHe already has teacher approval and will be attending the LDS Private school- American Heritage Academy! We are so excited for her.
Cute things she said this week:
" Mom, Home is where my heart is"

" Look, i see Jupiter, and there's baby Jupiter" ( just another bright star)

" Mom, we are in the air right now" I said no, we are on land on the earth. She said" the earth is in the sky" Yep, you are right. we've been talking a lot bout the universe and the moon lately!

"Mom, can i have a treat or should i just be sneaky and get one?"
-nipped that one in the butt!

" I'm just a little bitty kid, i can't clean very good"
Nice try again. 0% success rate with me

"I wanna go with you Daddy, cuz' you're a GOOD driver"


Cristi said...

Sounds like a fun time! Way to go Brielle, we're happy for you.

SBAM said...

So fun! I love the whole "I can't clean, I'm too small" stuff. Funny how they change their minds about being a big girl or a little girl depending on the activity. Oh, and we're naming the baby Isaac, hence the I on our blog since I don't use their full names. Sounds like you're staying busy, hope you're doing well!

Chelsea said...

I love the cute quotes! I look forward to funny things like that. :)