Sunday, April 19, 2009

ONE Long week!

So we went up to UT last Sunday and about 3 hours into our road trip, Aria surprised us with a vomiting episode in her 4 hour old car seat cover, i just purchased. It seems a familiar circumstance yet again. Brielle did the same thing to me when she was about 20 months on the way up to visit my Sister in UT. We had just got the car seat as well. SO, aria puked in the same one just with a brand new cover on it. Oh and to add to that, she had the runs streaming down one leg. So we ( meaning myself and brave Uncle Brian Christian) had to pull over on the side on the freeway on the pass between st. george and cedar city. Strip Aria down, hose her off with a water bottle, clean the car seat as best as i could with pretically all the wipes i had brought for the trip and put her back into the car seat after changing her on the hood of the car. 3= hours after that we arrived safely at Aunt Peggy's home and i began cleaning and feeding my girls before bedtime. We had diiner at 9 an dthe girls went to sleep at 9:30, Way too late! Thankfully, Gma Betty had bathed them while i was frantically cleaning the car seat and clothes so dinner was peaceful and the night went well, since we all slept hard!

Monday morning we enjoyed delicious pancakes from scratch, went to one of my fav. stores, Naartjie, then to Ikea for lunch, then to gorgeous Wheeler farms to see all the animals and feed the geese and so forth. That afternoon, Aria threw up again at Peggy's house. Then she napped.
It's really wierd b/c she had no temp. and after the episode she would just go back to having fun.
We couldn't figure it out. That night Brian and Denise came over, we enjoyed dinner and rootbeer floats and lots of talking and looking at Brandon's old baby pics! Too cute. we found ones that look almost Identical to Aria!

On Tuesday, we went to Gma Thayne's funeral services and it was actually surprisingly really nice. I HATE FUNERALS! I NEVER look at the open casket. I like to remember people as i knew them, not remember them in a box. Those kind of pictures linger too long in my mind. So, i'd rather not put them there. I know Gma T is healthy and Happy in Spirit Paradise and she is in no pain. I guess funerals wig me out b/c it's about the physical body being buried. I prefer Memorials. This funeral was more like a Memorial. Many talked about about memories and secret gifts from Gma. It was like i got a second view at who she was.

When my physical body is to be rested into the earth, I want everyone to have a PARTY. A Memorial Party of Sorts! I wnat them to share the memories they had of me and be happy that I'm in a better place now. I don't want an open casket. I don't want a Funeral service. I just want my children and family to have a quite burial and then go and have a big CELEBRATION!
And after watching SEVEN POUNDS, i'll probably donate my organs. Why not right? Our Bodies will be made whole in the resurrection, so, why can't another person benefit from my healthy parts.


I had a great Saturday strating my day off with a Pedicure and massage with my friend Melyna! Thanks so much Melyna! You are awesome! Then Brielle and i wen to Phoebe's Party( she turned 1) and Phoebe didn't want anything to do with her birthday cake.. Poor thing was crying when she got icing on her hands. Then I took senior Photos for Jensen and Ellen. Then Q and heidi and girls came over for a movie and BBQ and we had a lovely time. Church was great On Sunday and we spent dinner with Betty, Claire and Brian and man. Aria love her Uncle Bri!
It's too cute. She better love him too b/c He helped clean her up on th eside of the road last sunday! He's going to be a great DAD one day!

Oh Aria Puked 2 more times after that trip here in GV. The jury is still out on what it is. I say she has a slight allergy to some foods, Brandon thinks she's gagging her self with her fingers on accident or from Thumb sucking. Who knows. No throw up for 2 days now. Lets see how tomorrow turns out. Here's some pics i took of B and A today! ~C


birmingham family said...

You guys are busy! Is Aria coughing before she throws up? Both my kids throw up when they have the slightest cough! (Which is a lot and both of them!!!)

I am so with you on the closed casket thing!!! So glad I am not the only!

Wife and Mommy said...

so sweet! Goodness gracious, I'm gladd you handled the whole throwing up thing well--in the newe cover oh man I would have been freaking out...then looking back and saying, what for! Hope she's feeling better!

Chelsea said...

I LOVE the adorable pictures! You have very photogenic girls. I hope you can figure out why Aria has been sick, that is no fun for anybody.