Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good to go!

So, we determined Aria just had a stomach bug. In the process i learned a lot about stomach issues and viruses. I read up on Rotovirus, Makes me even more of a fanatic about washing hands and sanitizers! YUCK! Luckily, it wasn't that. She's all good now.

Aria seems to be growing up before our eyes. She's turning two in July! Yep, already! I'll have 2 and a 3 year old.

Brielle just took her 1 week refresher course with Miss Frankie, Her ISR swim instructor. She did great, she's a fish. I love it! She walks around and tells people" Guess what? I am going to swim with Miss Frankie today" Or I can swim really really good, you wanna come watch me?"
It's too cute.

The girls jump on the trampoline about 2 times a day and they love to play with eachother so much. I'm so glad Heavenly Father gave them to us and to eachother!

This week, we did swim lessons, the workout routine, Talmage's B-day party( oh so fun) and had lots of people over as well. I folded mounds of laundry, did loads of dishes and tomorrow, I'm cleaning my floors and the girls rooms. Deep clean style! Finally putting the late spring/winter clothes away. I might need another plastic storage bin!

On My Mind:
Will the recession ever end?
Am I pregnant? Do i want to be right now? Probably not till May or June, really!
When will i get to see all my cousins again? My sister and her boys?
Still hoping for my cousins and the adoption's in the future for them. My ears are peeled. I have knowledge of 2 girls who are deciding what to do. I'm praying for you, Cousins!
What's Brandon's new business going to be like?
Our 7 yr anniversary is in July( the 5th)? Should we vacation in SD( where we were married) or CO( where we will move in the next year-hopefully)? Probably CO. i already looked into another whitewater rafting trip, sounds fun.
We are looking for a SUV to buy right now. Must haves: leather, DVD player(s), 7 seats, less than 60,000 miles, fold flat thid row( optional but preferred), if possible, enough trunck space once the third row is up too!
Cars that fit those parameters: QX56, Armada LE, GX470, Tahoe, Denali-Yukon, Navigator
Keep your eyes peeled for us!

Love to you all!

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The Allen Fam said...

Question on your mind: Am I pregnant? Any word yet and yes everyone is going to be asking you about that now. Hope you are and when it happenes you will be so happy no matter what the time!