Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Births to come and ARIA'S GENES

I forgot to add a couple of people to my last post...

Sarah and Michael
Lisa and James

We are so excited for you!

I also figured out what GENES ARIA gets from ME. Since she so dominantly BRANDON, just the fem version. She's got my EYE shape, my cheeks and my LOWER half! Yep, today as i let her run around bottomless in our backyard (to help clear up a small rash) I realized...Hmmm, her legs and booty are JUST LIKE MINE! Just miniature. So, there you have it. Aria is me from the waist down!
Bubble butt and muscular legs. Sorry, future Aria as a teen, just work out and you'll be fine!Love you!

ps. I'm finally having time to read all your lovely blogs, dear friends!

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