Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cakes and Wierd(nosey) People

Last week i made a wedding cake along with many other crafts! I also encountered a weird lady at OfficeMax on Tuesday of this week. Why bring these both up? b/c they left a weird taste in my mouth. Let me explain...

The wedding cake... I just left the place feeling sad that it was so windy for the big day of this Bride i never met but only talked to. The ribbon on the cake wasn't working very well. The bride's mom was having a very stressful few hours and little things just seemed to be going wrong like the caterers were 2 hours early, no trash cans were designate for the outdoors( except for an ugly one with a crack in it, the cake ribbon was odd, and its was super WARM like 89-91 outside. Oh, and the B&G didn't even show up until after i left ( many mins. after the reception was supposed to have started at.) So, I left there with a weird taste in my mouth.

I took only B with me to OfficeMax on Tues to get shipping stuff and i get down this aisle and this hispanic lady says to me - what a pretty girl you have, who does she look like? i said she looks like her b-mom but a lot like Brandon( blue eyes, blonde hair) Oh, you adopted her? the lady says in somewhat of a shocked tone. I said yeah, we did and she says- does she know she's adopted( all of this in front of B) and i said yes and briefly explained that it's an open adoption and that B loves her Tummy Mommy and Her Mommy. the lady said- well of course she loves her REAL mom. Does she see her? i told her she does from time to time and then she asked me how long have i had her? I said she was placed in our arms at 5 days old and we finalized her adoption a few months after that. So, what do you tell her about her adoption?, said the woman. I told her that God had a special Plan for B to be born to her tummy mommy so she could find her way through her, to be part of our family forever. It's a very spiritual thing.The lady said "So, I guess she's pretty much Your daughter and your her mom then, anyways!"
I was thinking in my head "Duh, you silly person. "poor lady, she just doesn't understand that every child deserves a MOM and DAD", i think all babies Deserve to have 2 parents and Every opportunity to live in healthy family enviroment.

anywho, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Okay Happy NEWS...

Congrats to:
Traci and Jake (our fingers are crossed and we are praying for a smooth placement in the next few weeks)
Vanessa and her hubby - congrats on being prego with #2, you ahve been trying forever:)
Cachay and Joey- Cograts on #3 due in January( please land on my b-day if you can, baby!)
Jamie M-Green in Idaho and her hubby on #2 on the way looks like another winter baby too!
Belated Congrats to Lori and her family with the recent adoption of baby KYLE! YAY!
To Cousin Corrie and friend Lori H.- Glad the cancer is gone. You both have battle scars on your necks that remind me of how strong you both are. Our prayers are with you that you may always stay in remission and never have nasty thyroid or lymphatic cancer again!

Annalisa, You are our baby Cousin of all the Beach Clan and we are so happy you are graduating next week. You are like the sparkling Gem that ends the long strand of pearls in our family. Keep being a great girl!

Things i can't wait to see:

Baby Chase
Baby Kace
Baby Shea
So you Think You Can Dance in Vegas, next week
me get pregnant soon( still working on it)
pics of Crystal's Home
my friend Katrina call me
The Sandy Beaches of San Diego
My cousin graduate
Us get a family car this next week
My daughters's smiles tomorrow
My sister call me back
Pics of all my nephews

Love you all!


Crystal said...

Yeah, those are both weird experiences. Awkward! I'm stoked for Annie, too and also to see Shea. And I promise I'll post pics of my house someday!

Sassy Christian Momma said...

So, someone left a weird comment in my inbox but i rejected to print it b/c i don't know the person. Also, my postings and comments are MINE not other peoples views. As far as I've been informed it's AMERICA and were all entitled to feel and think and express what ever it is that's on our minds! Thanks. and as far as i know... the hispanic culture is very FAMILY oriented( which is a good thing) so they would rather have the 15 yr old girl keep her baby and and her and her family raise it than to place the baby up for adoption. It's just what my experience has shown me and many others and statistics have shown. I'm not saying ALL hispanics do this or that hispanics should not be interested in adoption. Just stating what i know as facts thus far in state and private agencies. The end!