Saturday, May 9, 2009


YAY! It's Mother's Day! I just wanted to congratulate all the 1st time Mother's Day Moms! It means so much more once you become a mom. You understand that your mom sacrificed so much for you. You also realize what YOU want to do different as a mother to your own children.

That aside, Every Year i have talked about the amazing Birth-mother that placed Brielle with us. She made me a MOM first. I am so blessed and grateful for that selfless gift. I wish you a Happy Mother's Day too! But, this time I want to write about my girls and my own mother, mother -in-law and grandmother's...

The Late Grandma Hellyar (Florence) was such a lover and so sweet and loved to tell us amazing stories about her childhood in the pre and post war era, with 8 brothers. She massaged our feet and legs everytime we visited! It was something we looked forward to and she told us her stories and family history and she rubbed our soles! She was a nurse back in the day and loved taking care of others. I always saw her have other people living with her that she was taking care of. Some were older than her, some were just in need of physical help. She loved to cook and always had some sweet bread or pie made or something nice. She was a true nuturing mother. Thanks for Loving me, Grandma! We all LOVE and miss you!

Grandma Billie Jean ( my Mom's Mom) is such a LIVELY grandma. Some of my favorite memories were of Grandma teaching me how to dance or talking a walk with me around McGee Creek. She loved music and dance and danced professionally as a young woman. She loved Musicals and recanting stories of her youth as a dairy hieress( or cattle, i can't remember if her father raised dairy cow's or angus)She had servants and private lessons and was her dad's jewel!
She has a Major sweet tooth and LOVED to feed treats to us too. i remember one day while at McGee we had 2 pieces of cinnamano toast and Milk for breakfast, a popsicle after our lunch, and a Bowl full or Rootbeer and ice cream all in one day. we might have even had Marshmallows too! Gma has always been so sweet in every way. She has a heart of Gold just like her late husband, Leonard. they both love everyone unconditionally.I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!

Betty, ( Brandon's Mom) I am so lucky, YOU are the mother Brandon had! God knew what he was doing when He sent Brandon to your family! I love that Man you raised! You taught him to be sweet and respectful to ladies and to me. He's a FANTASTIC DADDY to his girls! He is a great communicator and helper and provider. You did a Terrific Job! You are also a fabulous Grandma to our girls! You watch them on the occasional weekend and they always are asking to go back to your home. They love their special time with You and you too have such a great Heart. I'm so glad we have grown so close in these last couple years! I'm lucky to have you as a Mother in Law! Love you to pieces!

My Mom has always been a huge-hearted person as well. even so that sometimes it leaves her open to being hurt. She loves unconditionally as well. we are commanded to Love as Christ and God Love US, so we are to love others. My mom showed me this when she would bring dinners to those in need, take in a nephew who needed help, talk to us and made sure we knew she loved us. She sacrificed so much so we could be taken care of. She left notes in our lunch or on our pillows. She supported us at games, plays, concerts. She made us realize we had great potential and she taught me to LOVE as well. Mom, is very honest and candid and BLUNT. which i prefer that people be direct in communication instead of beat around the bush. She loves adventure and the outdoors. She so motivated in many ways and reminds me often that i need to SHARE the gifts that God gave me with others. I appreciate all she did for us amid her struggles in her personal relationships. She is so Happy with Carl and He's an amazing addition to her life and Mine. I'm so lucky to have a trusting loving relationship with my mom. thanks so much for taking care of every need i ever had growing up. I LOVE YOU!

My Girls... Brielle, you made me a mother! Aria, you helped Brielle become a caring big sister and me become a better Mother. I'm so lucky that you picked me to be your mommy! You two drive me bonkers sometimes but, i mostly can't get enough of you. It's wierd how at night I look forward to you going to bed but after about 2 hours, I wish you'd hurry and wake up so we can play and snuggle, swim, jump, laugh and be together. I am so excited to see you both grow and progress but i want you to SLOW DOWN! Brielle, you are way too smart!(and you keep me on my toes) How do you understand things like planets and counting to 25 so fast! Aria, You are way too physical! You can figure things out and move just about anything anywhere. Many times, i have seen you unlock the baby gate and try to hold it as it's falling down on you and you yell for help. How did you figure that out? You girls amaze me everyday! I love you both so much and am so glad I'm your mommy, even when I'm grumpy. Brielle and Aria, You are the best Mother's Day gift anyone could ask for. Just keep giving me kisses and hugs! Love you Sugars and Teeny Bits!


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Baby Chic Boutique said...

I get so busy working, I glance at the blogs and don't take time to comment.

It is nice to hear from someone are how they feel about a post that you put on the site.

Thank you Corrine. As I think of My Mom---Me---You kids and then---Now your kids, it is all an education process....

I am learning more who my Mom really is------who I am, who you are and watching the babies become is a great process if we take the time to study and wonder then appreciate.

I love you so much. Thank you for the words of love too........

on we go........Love Mom