Friday, May 29, 2009

Gym n Swim

Here's our girlies!
Aria Finally LOVES to swim and float! Today in her class she splashed and smiled while being challenged to turn and float on her own when she needs a breath! She got out of the pool HAPPY!
It takes a while for little ones to enjoy something new. But once they have confidence in the gained skills- then it's FUN! I can't wait to play with Aria in the pool on Saturday. She loves swimming from person to person or from us to the steps. Remember she's not quite 2 yet.
Brielle had a fun month of gymnastics as she went 2 times a week. The first couple times she loved it. She still likes it but would prefer to swim in this crazy heat.
She loves everything like frog hops and beam work. She' s almost got a kiddo 4 pack abs. She's getting strong! we will resume gymnastics in the fall!

Gotta Love them two! They are both sassy and loving sisters and often times Brielle will come and whine to me that Aria hit her or took something and I'll respond with something like( just to see what she will say or do) " Go hit her back!" Then B will say to me" I don't want to" I ask her why and she says" cuz she's my baby sister and i love her" I am so glad B is such a good girl!


Lisa said...

Cute girls. Don't you love summer? That is so great that Aria can swim already, what a great skill. Hope you are well. Love ya

Crystal said...

Ahh. She is such a good girl. So I see you went with the blue outfit! It looks beautiful on her with her eyes. Good pick!