Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Too silly and more...

Brielle always amazes me with things she comes up with. Yesterday she said to Aria( very matter-of-factly) "You are NOT wearing a Necklace so, you CAN NOT be in the Strong Bug Club, Aria!
(referring to Miss Spider's show)

I was doing her hair the other day and had the water going as i kept putting the brush under the water and she said" turn it off, mom, your wasting water!" I said Your right and i turned it off!

Today she said " look at this yellow-orange spot on my leg ( a very old bruise). It looks like a tiny cantaloupe"

I also tell her that we can do certain things together once Aria is down for a nap. She will tell me "mom, Aria looks ready to go to sleep now, Can we go swimming?"at like 10 am "Aria said she's tired can you put her down now?" " Can you put her in her bed now so we can go shopping" She finds reasons why Aria needs to take a nap! It's funny!
Aria naps at 1 ish so people should call me then but, i might be swimming with B or out at the store while brandon works from the home office! It's great!

Have a Great Memorial Day!


birmingham family said...

Too cute! Riley says the same stuff to get Austin to nap too so we can get out the stuff he can't play with!

The Allen Fam said...

I am so glad that everything is going so well for you and your cute little fam! I was wondering if you still did the hooter hider blanket. My friend is preggers and I wanted to get that for her. Let me know.

erin said...

It hillarious the things kids come up with!!