Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here's what I've been up to...

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Also, Aria is getting really good at swimming and I'll take pics of her this week. We had a great fun Saturday in the pool, at the splash park for Sophie's B-day and then I went to the Wyson's for a little visit with Cachay and Friends.

I finished a ton of projects and am looking forward finishing Diesel's pics, the girls pics, making about 15 or so baby bracelets and a couple sets, maybe more, fulfilling another crochet flower order for Candy Elephant, sewing a Diaper clutch for i class i will teach in late June at Quiltique and maybe whipping out a few more dresses for MY girls this time-I'm probably just going to use fabric i have and make these dresses more like Play Dresses or something to throw over the swimsuit when the towel dresses are dirty or just not enough.

Oh, and this Saturday i will be delivering a 3 tiered wedding cake for Jessica Penman's wedding. That process starts Thursday night with a few hours of baking. Now, that i have a double oven, it speeds up the baking process- loving the Viking Professional, baby! Then Friday, I ice the cakes and stick them in the freezer-.Saturday, I detail and deliver them around 5-5:30 then i plan on going over Angie D's for a BBQ/pool party! It will be a nice way to end a semi-stressful cake day!

Hope you all have great week!

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