Sunday, July 5, 2009

7 years of love

Today we were married- 7 years ago!

I am the luckiest woman ever!
Man, We look sooo young! I still chase him and he chases me.
Sometimes when we are play-fighing, Aria starts to cry and gets scared and we just look at eachother and giggle b/c we are having fun that she can't understand yet. We can joke and laugh and be serious when it's needed. Mostly, we just love who we married!

He still sweeps me off my feet and i always feel like I picked a GREAT MAN! I love you , Babe. And i know you love me b/c you tell me and show me by the way to take care of me, our girls, our home and your attitude of service towards us. You pick up the slack for me and you still flirt with me all the time. I couldn't ask for more. You are the best husband and there's no 7 yr. slump here! Thanks for all you do for me! Happy Anniversary!

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hays said...

Congrats to you!!!!