Saturday, July 11, 2009

Going up NORTH!

YAY! Tomorrow Hayley and girls come for the night and then Monday we are off to Fallon!
I'm so excited to see my sister and her boys and my family and friends and so forth!
We plan on having a girls night on Tuesday night, I'm shooting pics Weds. morning of Erin's girlies, then heading to either reno or Tahoe. One of the days we will go to Wet n Wild, Lake Tahoe and maybe even Virginia City. I love that my kids are older now and we can do some fun stuff together.
During the nights and nap times, i plan on sewing up a storm finish projects for my girls and maybe a few things for my mom's shop too! we will be there from Monday to Monday! I'll close my Etsy store while I'm out and I'm not bringing my computer( though ,i will have access through my mom's comp) So, if you need to reach me just call me!

Brielle kept asking all day if we could take our LONG LONG trip now! She wants to see Gma Leslie, Gpa Carl, the cousins, horses( feed them carrots), Madison and other things.
It should be a great journey there as well, in our new ride, hopefully. Hays and i will caravan up.
Fingers crossed there's no barf from Aria or Brielle on this trip. It would be great to be car sickness free:)

Oh, and Tirza 's going to have her baby while I'm There. I'll get to see Baby Gibbs, Kyle and Laila too( hopefully) I'm so excited for Lori and Hanna and there adoptions! Children are such a blessing!

See you there( maybe)


Harrisons said...

Have fun. We'll see you when you get back.

The Dell Family said...

Hey Girl, I found you blog, just check-in out and love it. HOpe you are having a fun time!