Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Freecation and anniversary getaway!

So, Gma Betty watched B & A while we went to Primm for a freecation weekend. We took advantage of the offer that we found on Fox 5 News. We stayed there for 2 nights, for free:) we also got 2 for 1 buffet dinner and Breakfast and a 55.00 free slot play card. Now, you know, I'm not a gambler( never have gambled before) so first, we checked in( after a 1.4 hr. car ride b/c of CA peeps making there way back home and 1.5 hours of line waiting-uggh) rested then went to grab a bite at the mall and on the way there we stopped by the Bonnie and Clyde Death Car exhibit and then we went to do some window shopping to see what we wanted to get the next day. We got rushed out of William Sonoma as they were closing in 1 minute. The lady was ready to go home, i guess.

So, we went back to our room and drifted off to sleep and woke up to silence!!!! WOW! I woke up at 8:30. i must have been dreaming. I loved it.

we went for a run right off the bat before it got any hotter. we finished our run with 13 flights of stairs! We changed and went down to the wonderful breakfast buffet and the headed to the mall. We got some amazing deals like guess jeans for 22.00 and some cute tops, t's , some pink Havi flip flops, a cute hat for me. I guess it's called a true religion hat. It must be a big deal b/c this chick stopped me. I just thought it was a cute hat. I'm adding some bling to it soon. Then we got some nice sunglasses and a case that holds my big sunnies! We headed back to the hotel for some roller coaster time and were disappointed by the Vault ride but loved the Desperado Roller coaster. it has a 225 ft drop that goes into a tunnel and has a 95 mile an hour plummet! It is crazy! We did it 3 or four times! So, fun but, wow, open your mouth and your saliva can't help but come out!

After that we rested for a moment then had an early dinner since we skipped Lunch. oops. after the dinner buffet we went back to the mall, did a bit more shopping and ended it with a reflexology foot and leg massage by a nice chinese old man. It was wonderful!!!

We went back and chilled, i watched the BACHELORETTE and was so glad to see Wes, the SCUM bag, go home. He's such a sleaze. I hope that other chick dumps him! What an arrogant, crappy singer too!Okay, venting aside...

So, we went to sleep early and awoke and proceeded to pack. As we were walking out we decided we should spend the 55. they gave us for free- why not, it's not our money.

Well, we had to spend at least 1.00 on each machine to begin the play. The first one we won. 8 or 11. or something. The second one, we won 6 or seven. The third one we won 314.00!!! We won another 14-20 after that so we cashed out only having spent 11.00 of our own money and walked away with 347.00 ish. It was nuts! I see why we are instructed NOT to gamble. It's addicting for sure. It was neat to have that experience but i don't want to gamble again. People lose lots of there hard earned $$$ all the time. It's really a sad thing. It's a mind game, an ego game and a quick fix game. Well, at least i know what it is like and that i don't need that kind of entertainment in my life.

We had a fun trip and are happy to be home and getting ready for our next big trip up to Fallon/reno/ Tahoe and then to SLC after that! I won't see LV for awhile. we will be going up on the 13th morning. We can't wait!!!
Oh, by the way, i didn't take any pics so, these are courtesy of those who put them on the web to share. Thanks!


The Crew said...

congratulations on seven years! It is wonderful- I must agree.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I wish I could get paid to getaway for a day.