Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gains and losses!

So i have good and bads news...

Sad news... We lost a wonderful friend this past Friday. He died from HAIRY Cell Leukemia, in conjunction with Swine flue and double pneumonia. He didn't know he had it until about 8 days before his death. Brantley Gubler was a huge part of Brandon's life. He was a scout master, a mentor and a friend. He was closer to him than any of his uncles. So, really he was an uncle/ friend to him and to Brian.
He did anything for anybody. He was the sweetest man and had such a wonderful, giving heart. It was hard to see him go at the age of 51. He left behind his sweet wife, Angel, and 3 daughters and 1 son who will miss him.
The day i met him, we were engaged( me and Brandon) and at a ward function of theirs. Brantley talked to me not as a stranger but, as an extension of his family. He always left a warm feeling in my heart as though he deeply cared for me, Brandon and for our family. I am so grateful for his loving kind heart and will never for get this amazing man and father!
This is a picture of Him singing at Brian's Eagle Court of Honor. I believe the song was entitled "Soar like Eagles" or something like that. It was a tradition that he sang this song at many of the scouts courts! His wife learned the sign language and would sign as He sang.
I can only think that Brantley is singing in Heaven and hoping that we all can soar as Eagles, Back to our Father in Heaven, and be reunited as one big happy Family.
Thanks for blessing our lives, Brantley!

We got a SUV and are now a 2 car family again! It's a Navigator and in great shape!

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