Monday, July 27, 2009

so, i never told my sister until the day before...

for the past 2.5 months i have been upping my running to prepare for the 10K that i ran last weekend! my sister, Cristi, wanted to run it and i told her, i'd see her at the finish line cheering her on.
Little did she know, until the day before the race that I'd be running it with her.
On our vacation in Fallon, we ran together and worked out and such, just as i would normally do but a little more running of course. She obviously smoked me, though! Her stride was about 1.8 mins faster, per mile, than mine.

Anyways, my goal was just to not Stop! KEEP RUNNING! so, that's what i did. On July 24th, i awoke at 4am, ate a small breakfast, cleaned out my car in the dark, stretched and at 5:24 Cristi picked me up and we went to Chipeta Way( Research Park) where we started at 6:10am the 6.25 mile race!

I was not in it to WIN, obviously, just to do it! See if i cold push this body more than i have been lately. The shot was fired and off the 2,700+ people went.
Now, i won't go into full details but I'll give you some tips:

Avoid the Honey Buckets before a Race, if you can!

Drink LOTS of Water the day before you race

Don't buy new running shoes until you finish your race!

Be Optomistic and Realistic in your Goals!

Have FUN and don't look back!

So, here's the stats of how i finished:

I was in a special division for those women over 140 lbs. ( shh don't tell) Called the ATHENA division. Out of the 81 women in that division i was #20. Out of my age group i was 151 out of 272.

If you put me in the regular division i would have beat another 813 people as well!

My official chip time was 59.26 mins- an average of a 9.34 min mile.

My sister's was a 8.33 min mile which put her 7+ mins ahead of me in the finish time.

All that is great and fun but i was most excited that i didn't STOP or walk. I grabbed water at the second aid station and continued to run on. It was a great 1st race and awesome experience and i can't wait to do another one soon, and also to be in the regular divisions soon as well.( I'm getting close)

ps( i hate that photo but until wade and cristi get back home that's the one you get. I look like a cow:(:)


Anonymous said...

Hey! Nothing wrong with being in the Athena Division! Haha...some people will never not be in it. Congrats sister! Racing is contagious! It makes me wish I had signed up for something this fall. You go girl! Now on to a marathon!

the wife said...

sweet! way to go!! i think 9.34 min/ml is dang fast considering it's over 6 miles!
p.s. you don't look like a cow.

erin said...

Great job, You are awsome!! AND don't look like a cow!!

Lori Hall said...

Great job! You look fantastic! Steve and I signed up for the Vegas 1/2 marathon... Wanna run it with us:)?

The Crew said...

That's awesome! Great job.

stout family said...

CONGRATS! What an accomplishment! I can't say I would ever want to do it myself!! Good for you though!!!