Saturday, August 23, 2008

For some good news!

My new phone is good and I love VERIZON! I've been happy with the service since i had it! (brandon takes care of the bills and most of the CS stuff so, maybe that's why I'm so happy:) So, if you are in my network call me all the time.

Also, We have lots of interest for Daisy and not so much for Myla but, we will see what tomorrow brings and it's the last day the ad runs for them.

We took advantage of the $12. and $7.00 jeans sale at OLD NAVY and I got two pairs of new jeans! And guess what??? I fit a size 6 quite nicely now! I was freaking out. i haven't been this small since like the 2nd year of our marriage!!!

My tooth is feeling lots better! And both the girls are sleeping peacefully. So, though it has been a long day, filled with ups and downs, we always come out on top, Happy and Healthy! (and a bit skinnier every day.) I'm seriously sticking with this triathalon training!

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Erin said...

WOw I am so impressed with the size six, I've gone down a couple sizes but not to a six!! I'm jelous, Good job!!