Saturday, August 16, 2008

A little change...

Will do me good.

So, as you know, i have lost a lot of lbs. and last week Brandon came home and gave me a few hundred dollars and said" you need to get yourself some clothes that fit!" What a treat! i couldn't have asked for a nicer husband. He has been such a trooper with this and has really let me do my own thing. Never criticizing or REmInDing me to get to the gym. I just did it anyways.
So, i got some new jeans and skirts and tops( bla bla) and now I want to do something with my hair. i was thinking about adding some copperry bronzy highlights (not blonde). I have also been thinking about doing it in a cute cut. i am just not sure exactly where I want to go in the Hairdo dept.
So, my cousin Crystal, did this poll on if she should cut her hair or not. I think it was a great idea. her reaction was great. so, I think I'll take a pic of my current hair and put up a poll and you all can tell me what you'd lie to see. It will be up soon ( within the next week.) Have any ideas? Leave a comment!


Allen said...

You should totally go Britney Spears on us! Brandon would love a shaved head :-)
I'll definitely participate in the poll when you get it up! Love you cousin!

Taylor Tree said...

don't do it! your hair is awesome long!! so thick and beautiful.