Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm tired

I have been getting ready for the Lake Las Vegas Tri-athalon at the end of September. Though i have only been training for this for a few weeks. I tell you all now. I'M TIRED. My bum is sore for learning how to bike and sit (or not sit), my legs are sore from running and pedaling 15 miles yesterday. my Arms are sore from gripping handlebars and lifting weight in my cross training. My abs are getting tighter and loosing some leftover baby flab. My hair is either unwashed or over-chlorinated( or salty) most of the weeks. My legs get a shave now and then, i need to just wax, for goodness sakes and my body fat has dropped again. So, it's all worth it, right? I'll keep telling myself that. I am so glad my sis is doing the half marathon b/c that means we are both kicking our butts! Go sis.
Oh, BTW, if I don't blog as often as i have been lately just know, that, I'M Tired!

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