Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm Coming to FALLON AND RENO!

Hey family and friends and peeps!

I'm needing sweet girlies for my Fall photo shoot and I will be in Fallon and Reno this wednesday thru the following wednesday(27th-3rd). So, if you have a baby girl 0-1yr. or toddler 1.5-5 yrs. that you'd like to model for my company please send me an email with a
picture of them or two and a few words about their personality.
I'm looking for a few older girls too, ages 5-7.
I will be constantly checking my email while I'm up there so, as soon as you read this post, email me!
Each model will get a free set of clips or a headband and %20 off their order. Plus, they will get free photography of their sweet kiddos( always priceless:)! My times are pretty open so, don't hesitate to call or email me.

I also plan on enjoying the cantaloupe festival, Lake Tahoe and seeing my family and their growing babies!
Remember, i lost all my numbers  b/c i lost my phone so, please call me!


Taylor Tree said...

i want to go to no nevada!

Young Family said...

Hey Corrine. This is Andrea (tomlinson) Young. I knew you when I was in college at UNLV (way back when). We had lots of fun together but we have obviously lost touch. Anywho, I am married now and I live in Reno. I have a baby (Savannah) that just turned one. I would love to be part of your photo shoot. I don't have your email :), so I hope you check this. You can email me and I will send you a pick and profile. Thanks

Also I have a blog but it is private. I will add you if you want.

The Hellyars said...

Hey that would be perfect! I would love your help on the cake! Then maybe you can shoot a few pics of Lottie and Jeremy while you're here. :) She'd be happy with that. Where are you staying? We are trying to find a nice sleeper couch so people have a place to crash when they're here. Keep me posted on your plans!

Johnstons said...

I just left Fallon! Oh well...hope you have a fun time there.

K.C. and Ipuna said...

I don't have your e-mail as well. If you need a 3 year old princess, let me know, Xayla would love to model :) K.C. and Ipuna Black