Saturday, August 23, 2008

I lost MY PHONE!

Okay so, i've had it for almost 3 years. I was really careful with it while i had it. i barely took off the protective case and the plastic liner over the screen like last january. But, somehow, I lost it. So, i no longer have anyone's information so shoot me an email or call me so, i can re-program you into my new phone. 
Other than that, i had a great 11 mile bike ride this morning, much of it was uphill this time followed by a root canal at 9 am. 

On another note, we are trying to find good homes for both of our doggies! Yep, it's a sad reality but. We just aren't being very good dog parents to them. I never walk them or take them to the park. They deserve to be appreciated and cared for more and with 2 kids, multiple business ventures and someday wanting to have another baby, they are just not fitting in with our lifestyle. They need good new owners! That's just it! I already cried about this b/c part of me feels like a big failure but, at least I'm mature enough to admit that they deserve better homes.
Here's a couple pics of them if anyone is interested!
The Boxer is Daisy!
She's obviously Myla!
Both are pure bred dogs! 

Well, that's all for now, my half botoxed-numbness is starting to wear off from my wonderful 2 hours in the chair so, i better go. Oh, i got to watch a movie with a headset while i got my tooth worked on! It was very nice! If you live in GV or Henderson, Go to Gubler Dental! They rock. Tell them I sent You!

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Rachel said...

We've come to the same conclusion about our dog. Even when I walk him twice a day it's not enough, and there are days and days when he doesn't get walked at all. Unfortunately nobody else is interested in a totally hyper untrained Australian shepherd.